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Eva Marie Louis


Thank you for visiting my website. I am an artist and a creator. I love everything about artists and purse all things related to film, fashion, arts, music, and entertainment. You will find me involved with and organizing many projects and activities. The one word that comes to mind that describes me the best is energetic because I always keep going and going and going. I don’t let anything stop me from pursuing my passion. Each day I begin with a desire to make a difference and learn something new. I hope you find these pages informative and you get to learn a little bit about what makes me who I am. I believe in positivity, hope, and healing. There is so much more to tell and share so continue reviewing these pages and stay connected to get updates and learn more. Ciao!!

The Things I Love

I spend my time fully involved with film, fashion, business, and helping others. I developed what I do around my passion. I’m a firm believer that by doing the things you love you will be able to make a greater impact. Because of this choice, it has affected everything I do and everything I am. Because I am an artist, you will learn that I create from everything and with every opportunity. I also work with and surround myself with other creators as well. None of this happened by accident and I am always genuinely happy to tell the stories around this. I often get asked if I had to choose one thing to focus on or to pursue what would it be. That is one of my greatest challenges in saying one passion is greater than another. In lieu of making that choice, I choose what I call my 360 wheel of life. Film, fashion, arts, music, entertainment, health and wellness, marketing and promotions, business, and IT. So my wheel is not small, however these are the areas that fulfill me. The sections below expand on my major passion areas I spend the most time in.

Film and Fashion

Acting, filmmaking, artistic modeling, and the fashion industry are where I have seasons and major projects that I am involved with all year long. My fashion season runs from March to December. The film projects I work with with normally cover 3 to 6 months and extend over a year.

Marketing and Promotions

For my clients, in all my passion areas, because I closely work with the industries I understand many of the nuances of being able to define demographics and understand how to find the triggers to obtain a following and to gain exposure. All these take time and consistency to build.

Helping Others

My life mission is - edification of others with positive encouragement to show them what’s possible. I live this every day and because of what I have choose to do, I am fulfilled as well. I am a fixer and a problem solver so I tend to use my gifts to help others that have challenges, obstacles, or need guidance.
“It is a labor of love when we pursue our craft and utilize our unique gifts and share them with the world. As an artist, we sacrifice so that we can give ourselves to others to make the universe a better place.” Eva Marie Louis
Actress * Model * Filmmaker * Fashionista * Writer * Promoter * Marketing * Healer